A Wild Adventure in Houston

A Wild Adventure in Houston

Have a wild adventure in Houston when you visit The Houston Zoo in Hermann Park on your first weekend living at Alexan River Oaks. The Earth is a vast expanse of environments and ecosystems, which means an even more vast expanse of flora and fauna in the world. Here at Alexan River Oaks, you can see some of the planet’s most impressive living creatures right around the corner from our Houston luxury apartments. Adventure and luxury are always close when you live at Alexan River Oaks.

The Houston Zoo in Hermann Park

The Houston Zoo is the city’s premier attraction for animal lovers, science nerds, explorers, families, or those looking for something exciting to do over the summer. It’s located only six miles away from our luxury apartments, so you can drive or rideshare to the zoo in fifteen minutes or less. Spend the day strolling past exotic exhibits and get closer to nature.

Fifteen Exhibits, Endless Entertainment

Today, there are fifteen open, unique exhibits to explore, each teeming with beautiful wildlife and plenty of fun activities. Meet up with the friendly giants of the McNair Elephant Habitat Area, dance with penguins at the Galapagos Islands, or look at our state’s nature in the Texas Wetlands. You can even sign up for personal animal encounters available throughout the week.

Conservation and Care for Animals

The Houston Zoo currently contributes to 33 wildlife conservation projects around the world. Every purchase you make in the zoo, from the entry ticket to the tasty snacks to direct donations, goes towards the care and protection of Earth’s endangered species and of the planet itself. So not only can you have fun exploring the zoo, but your spending makes a difference.

Enjoy a wild adventure in Houston right from your backyard here at Alexan River Oaks. Visit our Houston luxury apartments and the Houston Zoo today!