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Add Sparks to Date Night at Tony's - Filet Mignon - pic by For.twoplease A. on Yelp

Add Sparks to Date Night at Tony’s

Your new home at Alexan River Oaks adds new dimensions to every part of your life. Your new neighborhood puts you near the best Houston offers, like world-class dining, shopping, and entertainment. So add sparks to date night at Tony’s Houston or elevate your outlook at a local museum. While living atĀ Alexan River Oaks, you can find plenty to raise your pulse and renew your soul.

Tony’s in Houston

Want a restaurant with upscale dining and a classy atmosphere? Look no further thanĀ Tony’s. This Italian restaurant features all the best flavors of Italy. It’s a local favorite because of its delightful dishes, atmosphere, and class. Best of all, it’s less than half a mile from our luxury apartments, so you and your guest can walk to your reserved table in fifteen minutes.

Dishes to Delight the Palate

Whether you visit for lunch or dinner, every dish has endless flavor and freshness. Start your meal with a seared Hudson Valley foie gras or a refreshing truffle, pear, and pecorino salad. Afterward, proceed to the main course and indulge in butternut squash-filled pansori pasta, a branzino on the rocks, and a classic dry-aged prime ribeye.

A Vast Selection of Red and White

Don’t forget to pair your meal with a great bottle of wine. Tony’s has dozens of bottles to choose from, imported from all around the world. So taste something from the rolling hills of Napoli or the local varietals of California. Raise a glass to your good fortune for choosing to live at Alexan River Oaks and live happily.

Add sparks to date night at Tony’s and your upscale lifestyle at Alexan River Oaks. So schedule your tour and lease today! Then celebrate your move with a great meal your first weekend at Alexan River Oaks.