Amazing Afternoon Barbecue in Houston

There is no cuisine that quite reflects Texan culture as well as barbecue. After all, a serving of ribs or steak with an ice tea or lemonade is the perfect complement to a beautiful sunny day, whether enjoyed in the comfort of home or out under the shade of an outdoor patio or backyard. Here at Alexan River Oaks, our future luxury apartments have several of the best Houston BBQ restaurants within arm’s reach, so you’re never too far away from a fantastic meal.

Feges BBQ is one such place, highly rated on Google reviews for its incredible quality of roasted beef, pork, chicken, and other proteins. They’re located only a mile away from our upcoming luxury apartments, so you can simply drive in for dine-in or pick-up in five minutes during the afternoon rush. Open for lunchtime, their simple menu offers unlimited options to satisfy your hunger. Make things easy by indulging in one of their BBQ plates, such as the smoked barbacoa with cheese grits and Big Red glaze or the sausage plate with your choice of a side. Chow down on a chopped brisket, pulled pork, or chicken salad sandwich along with a side of pimento mac & cheese, loaded potato salad, or sweet potato and banana mashers. Finally, they offer barbecue in bulk to take home, perfect for future dinner parties or celebrations of all types.

Savor the best of Texan barbecue flavors here at Alexan River Oaks. Visit Feges BBQ for lunch and be sure to follow our Houston luxury apartments as we prepare to open this fall.