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Davanti Ristorante near Alexan River Oaks - Carbonara pasta Aryani N. on October 24, 2022, on Yelp

Davanti Ristorante near Alexan River Oaks

Enjoy discovering new upscale restaurants, shopping, and entertainment in your new luxury apartment community, then celebrate your move with dinner at Davanti Ristorante near Alexan River Oaks. You can enjoy a lifestyle unlike any other at Alexan River Oaks, as well as unrivaled apartment features and community amenities. The lifestyle you crave lives here, and so should you.

Davanti Ristorante 

Upscale Italian cuisine close to home is a true luxury. So make sure to put Davanti Ristorante at the top of your dining-out list. In their words, “A few years ago, a strong friendship was born, thanks to a plate of linguine served by the world-class Italian chef Roberto Crescini to renowned Houston restaurateur Francisco “Paco” Calza. Their shared passion for high-quality European ingredients ultimately led the two to dream of collaborating, until the time came for them to come together to create Davanti, Italian for “front or forward” referring to the next chapter for Crescini and Calza to serve in the city of Houston.”

Upscale Dining near Alexan River Oaks

Wendy T. shares“A great pick for when you’re craving pasta but in a casual setting. They have a menu of homemade pasta, and you can create your own too. A display of the shapes and names of the pasta makes it easy, but the numerous choices of sauces make it hard to choose! In addition, there are daily specials and baked desserts like cherry chocolate cake bites, tortes, etc. Service was so friendly and super! I think it was the owner’s son who took our order, and he was enthusiastic, answering our questions with the best smile. It gets four stars from me, but I added another because of the service and quality– you’ll have to stop by at least once to try some delicious Italian flair from a local shop. Hoping to try the seafood pasta special (Frutti di Mare) on my next visit!”

Elevated Tastes

Houston is known for its international cuisine, and your new Alexan River Oaks neighborhood offers plenty. So whether you crave something with a local flair or international gourmet cuisine, you can find it close to home. Your best life is waiting for you here.

Celebrate your move with pasta at Davanti Ristorante near Alexan River Oaks. Schedule your luxury apartment tour and lease today!