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Fine Dining Close to Home

Broaden your thinking about what makes a luxury lifestyle beyond stylish features and sleek finishes. Upscale living means enjoying the best of everything, including fine dining close to home when you live at Alexan River Oaks. Taste the best of Houston when you enjoy the Blue Onyx Bistro and other local gems. Why wait? Better living can be yours as soon as you move to Alexan River Oaks, luxury apartment homes in Houston, Texas.

Fine Dining in Houston

Few places compare to the level of service and excellent food at Blue Onyx Bistro. In their own words, “Chef David Chang has always been fascinated with flavors and cooking. Blue Onyx Bistro, Chang’s latest concept, is an innovative French-Asian bistro that combines the luxury and decadence of French cuisine with the flavors of Asia, a culmination of the chef’s 30+ years of experience. The team at Blue Onyx Bistro is looking forward to serving you.”

Blue Onyx Bistro near Alexan River Oaks

Fine dining restaurants in Houston are rarely a secret. But what can you say about a restaurant when the food, decor, and service do all the talking? Nickey shares on Yelp, “Very nice atmosphere. Elegant establishments for adults. Food was good, and wait staff were very friendly.”

Local Gems

Living at Alexan River Oaks gives you access to countless local gems for dining, shopping, and entertainment. See what Houston is all about and explore with your friends. Your first weekend at Alexan River Oaks should be full of adventure, so go wherever it takes you.

Dive into fine dining close to home at Blue Onyx Bistro near Alexan River Oaks, luxury apartment homes in Houston, Texas. See the difference upscale living can make in your happiness with a new luxury apartment home.