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Hangouts and Hot Spots Close to Home

Hangouts and Hot Spots Close to Home

It pays to have a desirable address when you want premium hangouts and hot spots close to home. So make your move to Alexan River Oaks, and discover an upscale luxury apartment experience you will love. Dive into spacious floor plans, comfortable apartment features, and friendly community amenities that make every weekend worthwhile. You belong here.

The Railyard

The Railyard is a magnificent blend of historic charm and modern service. In their words, “Focusing on the historical significance of the area, the immediate access to a very popular Houston train line, and the 1950’s building in which the Railyard finds itself, the bar is really a unique mix of post-art deco, midwest Railroad charm and modern amenities…The Railyard is a River Oaks Neighborhood Bar dedicated to bringing a comfortable, friendly feel to the Inner Loop and Galleria area residents. Our goal is to provide a clean, upscale environment you would want to show off to your friends, business partners, families, colleagues, or dates.”

Local Hangouts

Mark D. shares“The Railyard meets dive bar criteria. It is located on the windowless end of a squat, nondescript strip mall, underneath high-voltage power lines, and right next to the main line of the Union Pacific Railroad. Having said that, I felt very welcome as a first-timer, even though I was somewhat older than the crowd that seemed to be there. There are several arcade games and a bare bones patio area for the smokers. They have a very good selection of beers and spirits available at reasonable prices. I especially liked the “Touch Tunes ” jukebox which allows you to play songs from your smartphone. The bartenders were excellent, with a shout-out to Brittany for making us feel so welcome! I can tell you I met a plethora of “crazy characters” during my visit, and it all lent itself to a party-like atmosphere. Overall, I was quite satisfied with The Railyard!”

Upscale Hot Spots

Upscale living extends beyond your front door when you live at Alexan River Oaks. So whether you indulge in gourmet dining, haute couture or want the latest in entertainment, you can find it all close to home. So why wait any longer for bliss? A better life is waiting for you at Alexan River Oaks.

Find plenty of premium hangouts and hot spots close to home once you move to Alexan River Oaks. Schedule your tour and lease today!