Chocolate soufflé - Tony's near Alexan River Oaks - pic by Carolina S. on Yelp

Tony’s near Alexan River Oaks

Commemorate your first weekend in your new luxury apartment home with dinner at Tony’s near Alexan River Oaks. Every victory deserves celebration, especially finding the lifestyle you deserve at Alexan River Oaks. Treat yourself to upscale Houston dining with your friends. You can always come home to comfy apartment features and relaxing community amenities. Explore Houston with your friends and create your go-to list of shops, restaurants, and entertainment spots you love. Life gets better here.

Upscale Houston Dining

When it comes to enjoying upscale Houston dining, nothing beats a meal at Tony’s. Whether you prefer Italian classics or a modern look at classic recipes, you will love Tony’s. In their own words, “Tony’s presents fine dining Italian inspired by Naples, influenced by Milan and Cherished in Houston.”

Dine-In near Alexan River Oaks

When you start making your go-to list of dine-in near Alexan River Oaks, Tony’s should always make the cut. Carolina S. shares on Yelp, “I ordered the sea bass as my dinner and it was delicious. The fish was cooked perfectly and Had great flavors. The chocolate soufflé was really light and airy. My husband loved his lemon tart as well.”

Explore Houston

Making your go-to list of restaurants, shops, and entertainment spots is half the fun of moving to Alexan River Oaks. Explore Houston with your friends and have a great time. Then you can relax at your place in pure luxury.

Try Tony’s near Alexan River Oaks and celebrate your move into the lifestyle you deserve. Dive into the home you have always wanted right here.