Happy Hour - Urban Social near Alexan River Oaks

Urban Social near Alexan River Oaks

Dive into the unique lifestyle only available at Alexan River Oaks. There is plenty to enjoy beyond premium luxury finishes and fun community amenities. Try local favorites like Urban Social near Alexan River Oaks your first weekend in your new home. Go wherever the adventure takes you. You can always come home to your plush apartment and relax.

Urban Social near Alexan River Oaks

When you need a spot to relax or a lively night out with your friends, head to Urban Social near Alexan River Oaks. Urban Social is your neighborhood bar. Sit down, relax, and soak in the atmosphere of a neighborhood place. You need to add Urban Social to your go-to list for local drinks.

Urban Social

You can’t be a popular local bar without gaining some fans. Goldie O. shares on Yelp“I personally liked Urban Social. It has a similar vibe to Davenports in that they play great R&B music (and hip hop of course), and they have STRONG drinks!! They had a food truck in the back if you wanted something to eat.”

Local Gems near Alexan River Oaks

Your new home at Alexan River Oaks is in the heart of a vibrant Houston neighborhood. When you need upscale dining, drinks, and entertainment, you never have to travel far. Find the flavors you are looking for close to home, and remember to bring your friends.

Bring your friends to Urban Social and celebrate your move to a new lifestyle. Find the fun you have been looking for right here.